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Monday, June 15, 2009

RAEKWON ft. Ghost n Meth

Im tellin yall ya math aint right n yall aint even hearin the real anymore....
Like if you think Eminem new alnum is the shit than thats like- You been eatin wack Hamburgers all ya life. Ima put yall up on LOBSTER ........n some Caviar ...

Teddy Becks "fuck wit me"

Teddy Becks "peppermint lounge"

Teddy Becks "baby P's Anniversary"

Teddy Becks

Oh yeah he is one of the illest producers outta Jersey.
Check the joint he did for the G-Unit.......WE BOUT TO BLOW>>>>>
Mandingo UNIT.....FDS....152 GANG...Lets go in on the industry.....